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Where Dreams Come True...

Most of the time, anyway.

Cagalli Yamato
5 June 1990
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Oh, what can I say about myself?

I'm a 23-year-old human being who just happens to be introverted, has specific tastes in everything and only enjoys life when it's good to me.

I don't post NEARLY as much as others do; I mostly just lurk around, leaving comments here and there if I have an inkling to. x)

Also: The number of pairings and fandoms that I enjoy is ever-expanding and so EXTENSIVE that it's IMPOSSIBLE to list them all.

andrew-lee potts, angel/wesley, ani/obi, anime, aragorn/legolas, avengers, batman/jim, ben/riley, bj/hawkeye, boromir/faramir, bows, brothercest, bsg, cain/glitch, cake, cartman/kyle, casey/chuck, chocolate, claudia black, cobb/arthur, colors, comedy, costumes, cox/jd, diego/sid, disney, dom/sub, eames/arthur, edward/alphonse, eli/scott, elliot/olivia, eppescest, fanfiction, fantasy, fin/munch, first time, gibbs/ducky, gibbs/mcgee, gil/nick, gil/nick/greg, gil/nick/warrick, guitars, hairstyles, happy endings, harry/sirius, harry/snape, hatter/alice, heero/duo, hellboy/john, holmes/watson, horatio/speed, house/chase, house/wilson, hugh jackman, ichigo/uryu, icons, inception, incest, jack/daniel, jack/rodney, japan, jason/grant, john/rodney, kakashi/iruka, kira/cagalli, kirk/spock, koga/inuyasha, lady gaga, leto/ghanima, lockon/allelujah, lockon/tieria, logan/remy, logan/scott, loki, luke/leia, mac/danny, matt bomer, michael shanks, mpreg, music, natalia tena, natalie portman, nc-17, optimus/sam, ot3, otp, padmé amidala, pastries, peter/elizabeth/neal, peter/neal, petrellicest, pianos, pizza, possessiveness, quotes, remus/sirius, romance, rps, rush/eli, sasuke/naruto, sci-fi, sesshomaru/inuyasha, seto/joey, sherlock holmes, shounen-ai, shouta, sparrington, steve/danny, sugar, tattoos, teal'c/daniel, television, thor/loki, threesomes, tonks, tron, tsume/toboe, twilght, twincest, uchihacest, vader/luke, vala mal doran, van helsing/carl, vegeta/goku, violins, warrick/greg, warrick/nick, water, websites, wincest, yami/yugi, yaoi, young/rush